About Us


The Yukon Group produces a range of speciality vegetables and microgreens in South Africa, including many lines of year-round baby veg. We love the latest trend of premium micro-products, and our Yukon Micro Range is a happy match with our skills in precision farming and delicate processing techniques. Our range of exotic mushrooms is another great addition to our offering and we are excited to be able to offer such a high quality product, produced and packed in South Africa.

Founded in 1991, today we are fully vertically integrated, and grow almost all our products ourselves on Yukon Farms. Each of our four farming operations in South Africa is unique geographically, ensuring year-round supply and a maximum lead time of only 3 days from field to flight.

We also have partnerships with top producers in other African countries to complement our South African farms. In our Out of Afrika brand, we offer a truly African range of specialised vegetables.


Yukon International Pty Ltd is the export arm of our group. We ship fresh baby veg and microgreens daily from our airport depots at Cape Town International and Johannesburg’s O.R. Tambo. Yukon International manages this global distribution, providing the link between growers and customers, ensuring a hands-on approach to the areas of procurement, planning and forecasting. Customer service and product development are two of our top priorities.

Our airport teams give us continuous quality monitoring and the flexibility to do mixed loads and just-in-time labelling. Working closely with our team at Yukon International, these teams ensure logistical efficiency and accuracy.